Join a Small Group for 2019 Lent!

It is said that when we enter the spiritual journey of Lent, we take things with us: our past experiences, our interpretation of scriptures, our questions about the world, our struggles in faith. What does it look like if we enter this journey with others? Join a small group this Lent and find the fuller, richer experience God has been preparing for you. Come travel with others!! Church membership is not required. Church attendance is not required. Invite a friend and attend a group together. Which group will you join? Directly contact facilitator/s to sign-up.

Where Do I Come In? - Joining God’s Mission:

This group will focus on shifting the definition of "mission" from being a church activity to being a lifestyle. Through short daily devotional readings and weekly group discussions, we will work toward identifying and clarifying how God is on the move in everyday places and with people we meet. We will develop and clarify our vision of how all of our lives are engaged with the mission of God in the world. Marian Truax is facilitating this group meeting Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:00 March 12-April 16 in Classroom Andrew. Contact Marian at 518-878-6206 call/text or

 The Book of the Holy Spirit:

Did you know that the gospel of Luke has a sequel? It is the book of the Acts of the Apostles. In this action-packed book of scripture the gospel writer Luke chronicles the first few days and years of the early church. It is an amazing book that can help us remember the foundation and foundational values of the community of Jesus. If you desire to learn more about Acts, I invite you to join my small group where we will read through the whole book. Some materials needed for this will be a Bible, internet access to, and an ability to meet at the parsonage on Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30  March 13 -April 17. Other than that, a desire to read scripture and a heart that is willing to learn more of the heart of God through group study is all that is required. I hope you might consider this opportunity. If you are interested, please talk to Pastor Garret, or email him

 Journeying with Jesus:

After taking a break, this small group will resume during Lent. The group will meet Sunday mornings after worship 11:15-12:15 starting March 10 in the partitioned space in the Fellowship Center. Participants have valued the deeper engagement with the day’s scripture. Facilitators provide time to read the following week’s passage, talk about its context/historical circumstances and explore how the scripture might be speaking to us. No prior Biblical learning is required, only a spirit of love and curiosity to engage scripture with others. No need to have been a previous member to join. Contact Pastor Garret, Pastor Stacey, or call 518-356-4327.

Becoming a Good Samaritan through Improvisational Techniques:

Improv is a playful fun way to develop ways of working with and helping others. Learn how to be positive with whatever the moment offers and silence the inner censor that prevents truly wonderful thoughts from being expressed to others. Various improvisational skills that can help participants become better “Good Samaritans” in everyday life will be introduced. This high energy group will meet weekly in the sanctuary Sunday evenings 5:30-7:00 pm, starting March 17 for six sessions.
All ages are welcome. Contact Ken Klapp by email or by phone 518-334-7702.

The Bible and Human Sexuality:

What does the Bible say about human sexuality? More specifically: what does the Bible say about same-gender relationships? How do we understand and apply this faithfully in our lives today? Join Pastor Stacey as she looks at seven passages often attributed to this topic. Each passage will be studied from multiple perspectives. In addition to studying these seven passages, the small group will also study passages that describe the role of the church in the world. The group will meet in Classroom John Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm March 11-April 15. Everyone is welcome to this study!  All viewpoints and Bible knowledge levels welcome! Contact Pastor Stacey at or call 518-356-4327.