We believe that our youth are an important part of our community and will help to lead us as we seek God together. And so, at Lynnwood there are a variety of ways for youth to connect. 

Worship: We welcome youth participation and leadership in worship. We value when they share their gifts which help us to worship God more fully. We enjoy them using their musical gifts by playing instruments or singing; reading prayers and scripture; and employing artistic ability. 

After the sermon (or communion) the youth who are in grades 6 -12 go to Discipleship,
which is another opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and the journey of faith. 

Faith Formation: While we believe the Discipleship class is important to the faith formation of the youth that happens in cohort with our Lynnwood Youth Group, which meets the third Sunday of every month. In addition, we also participate in a joint youth group with Altamont Reformed Church called ARC-Y LRC-Y (ark-ee - lark-ee), which meets about once a month for fellowship and service projects. 

Mission: We welcome the participation of our youth in all of the life of the church. While the combined youth group provides opportunities for serving in the capital region we love to see our youth join us on our mission trips. The pastors, elders, and deacons welcome youth input on ways we can serve to the betterment of our community.