We are a community of faith whose life is shaped by the Holy Spirit's witness of good news that in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth we see the clearest revelation of the God of heaven and earth.

Our hope and work as a family of faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is to:

  • invite people to experience welcome, belonging as a child of God’s family,
    and worshiping the Triune God of grace, 

  • provide an atmosphere of love where persons can grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ,

  • speak to the Spirit's invitation to each person to share the love of Jesus Christ with the world.


Lynnwood is a member of the Schenectady Classis in the Reformed Church in America (RCA). 
The RCA is a fellowship of congregations called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world. The shared task of the RCA is to equip congregations for ministry - a thousand churches in a million ways doing one thing - following Christ in mission,
in a lost and broken world so loved by God.