It Started in a Horse Barn...

Lynnwood is a community of faith planted by God through by the wonderful work of parent church Helderberg Reformed. In those early days before any sanctuary for worship or building for meeting there was a barn in which the Lynnwood community gathered to praise and learn of God. 

In the mid 1950s a building was constructed which served as the sanctuary, kitchen, office,
and gathering place; a building that now stands on the south side of the church and is used as
the education wing. The YMCA also has a preschool that runs out of this building. 

Lynnwood was lucky enough to have the prayerful and financial support to raise money for a church building and construct one during the 1960s. In 1965 the current sanctuary was commissioned for worship. The modern architecture of the space has rich theological significance which is meant to shape the journey of faith for the community. 

In 1990 a Fellowship Center was added to the west side of the building. This space has benefited the community in hosting groups, gatherings, and good times for both people in the community and beyond. 

So many pastors, lay leaders, churches, neighbors, and strangers have blessed Lynnwood throughout the years with prayer, encouragement, financial donations, and so much more. Lynnwood's existence is epitomized by the axiom: 'everything in life is a gift from God.' It is a gift to gather in worship, keep fellowship with one another, and learn of God's redeeming work in Jesus Christ as one family of faith. Lynnwood exists because of the work of God in Jesus. And therefore, Lynnwood is a family of faith that does not exist for itself, but for the sake of blessing and being a gift to others in Guilderland and beyond.