What's Happening in Worship

Jesus’ Radical Hospitality

Comfort, Challenge, Change

The sermon series is about introducing, wrestling with, and imagining how we own our welcome statement, which reads:

At Lynnwood Reformed Church, we affirm the great diversity of God's creation in our communities. This diversity includes persons from various economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, gifted with a variety of abilities, gender expressions and sexual identities. We also believe that God's unconditional love, as demonstrated through Jesus Christ, in intended for all.  As such, all people are welcome to participate fully in the life of the church.

Jesus’ ministry was about grace filled acceptance of people and meeting them where they were at. He also did not shy away from challenging commonly held cultural and religious assumptions in order to see wholesale change that was in line with God’s vision for human life. This sermon series will touch on Jesus’ message of hospitality and how we are to be in step with that as his followers. We will explore the great joy of comforting others, the challenges to welcome those who are different, and the changes that we might need to make as individuals and a community of faith. 

Each week we will share communion as a physical and sacramental reminder/challenge that Jesus equally made space at the table for you and the diversity of people in this world. 

Week 1 

Sunday, September 8th

Hospitality and Gender/Sexual Identity

The Ethiopian Eunuch: Acts 8: 26-40

Week 2

Sunday, September 15th

Hospitality and Diverse Abilities 

The Many Gifts of the Body: 1 Corinthians 12: 1-14

Week 3

Sunday, September 22nd

Hospitality and Racial Diversity

People from Every Nation: Revelation 7: 9-14

Week 4

Sunday, September 29th

Hospitality and Socio-economic Responsibility

Our Wealth is Directly Related to the Poor Among Us: 2 Corinthians 8: 8-15