Pastor Garret Szantner email:

Pastor Garret Szantner

Garret Szantner is from Rochester Hills, Michigan. His family worshipped within
the Catholic faith during his childhood. 
He began to explore his own faith at
Hope College, graduated from Hope in 2011 with a BA in History and Political Science. Sensing a call to the pastoral ministry,
he enrolled at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and received his Masters in Divinity in the spring of 2014. Garret’s immediate family includes his parents and three sisters.

Garret served as the Pastoral Associate of Youth and Care at Trinity Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He began his association with Trinity as a Pastoral Intern in 2011. He served as an intern at the Citadel of Faith in urban Detroit, Michigan, with the internship inclusive of a jail ministry. 

While at Western Seminary, Garret lived in the Friendship House, a setting for communal living of seminarians and highly functioning persons with cognitive disabilities.

Garret’s core desire is “to serve as a child of God who seeks after Jesus Christ daily, with mind, soul and strength.”

Pastor Stacey Duensing email:

Pastor Stacey Duensing

Stacey Duensing grew up in the small farming community of Deshler, Nebraska. 
She graduated from Northwestern in Orange City, Iowa with a degree in Christian Education and Youth Ministry.  In 2017, she graduated with a Master of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Holland Michigan.  Stacey has various experience working with different churches and nonprofits. For two years Stacey served as the Youth Minister Associate at Fellowship Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan. She also has served as pastoral intern at Church on the Hill in Flushing, New York. Additional experience includes working for Urban Impact Ministries in New Orleans, YouthWorks in Alabama, and A Christian Ministry in the National Parks in Colorado.   

Stacey’s call as a person is to live deeply into her identity as a beloved daughter of the triune God of grace. As a pastor, she serves by proclaiming God’s love for all people in both word and action.

Jean La Crosse Director of Church Music

Jean La Crosse
Director of Church Music

Jean provides choral direction and accompaniment for the music ministries of Lynnwood. She desires to offer joyful praise and thanks to Jesus Christ through the music gifts and talents of individuals within the church and broader community. She welcomes all ages to participate. Ms. La Crosse studied with Leonore Witzemann Johndrow, and concert pianist Stanley Hummel, and is a member of the Eastern NY American Guild of Organists.
She previously served as Music Director for Helderberg, Altamont, and Bethany Reformed Churches. Jean was Municipal Clerk for the Village of Altamont retiring in 2009. She is a private piano teacher.

Janith Mason Office Manager email:

Janith Mason
Office Manager

Janith grew up attending Lynnwood from a very early age; her parents, Robert and Doris Watson, Lynnwood members since 1958, together served Lynnwood in many ways; among them treasurer, team chair, deacon, elder, and organist. Janith made confession of faith at Lynnwood in 1968, and began serving as Lynnwood’s Office Manager in December of 2013 under the Rev. Tom Duncan.

In addition to managing the office, drawing on her background in the arts, Janith prepares Sunday’s worship visuals and occasionally performs on the recorder. She is a member of the Hudson Mohawk Chapter of the American Recorder Society.


Doug Looman

Amos Pastoral Pup

Pastoral Pup

“Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound,
that saved a pup like me!”

Amos, too, has found a loving and welcoming home at Lynnwood. Joining the office staff in December of 2017, the Pastoral Pup hopes to someday provide therapy to those in need of his endearing companionship.

He is a constant joy, and reminder that:

“All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful,
the Lord God made them all.”