Fostering and Deeping Community with God and Others

Our faith is a journey of growth, and we grow best with others who are present in relationships with us; there to encourage us, challenge us and mentor us. Our faith is meant to be lived out and experienced in community. Fostering and deepening community with God and others is what small groups at Lynnwood is all about. Hope you plan to be in a small group this Fall and experience life-giving moments like so many others have.

The next round of small groups is on the calendar for six weeks beginning in October and ending before Thanksgiving. All we need now are facilitators. Are you being called to share a passion? Remember that lay persons are capable of leading small groups at Lynnwood, because they are not expected to be Biblical “experts” nor “the teacher.”
Lay facilitators learn the art of asking open-ended questions rather than making statements. Cultivating relationships is a key in growing a small group. Facilitation focuses on sharing life-experiences and asking questions that foster discussion among small group participants. Lay facilitators lead groups by building community and connecting daily life to one’s faith.

Not trained, no problem! We will set up a training session and also help you find resources and tailor content to your need/interest. As coaches we are available for guidance and support in whatever manner is needed. Contact us and let’s talk more about the experience of facilitation!

Bill and Kay Grosch (518-605-2555)