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Journeying with Jesus

2019 Preaching Schedule through Pentecost - a Narrative Lectionary
Let us together follow the one who is called, Immanuel - God with us.
Over the course of the next few months we will follow the story of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew, his birth to baptism; from the backcountry to the holy city; from his triumphal entry to his coronation by crucifixion; from his death to resurrection; from his going up to heaven unto his sending the Holy Spirit to the church. I hope that you join us as we learn of Jesus who makes God known and who invites us to become who God created us to be!

Guest Preachers Coming! 

February 17 – Rev. Annie Reilly
God's expanding boundaries and radical inclusion

Rev. Ann Reilly has served as the Associate Pastor at the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church in Saratoga Springs for just over two years. In her role, she primarily responsible for youth programing, but also gets to share her gifts for preaching and pastoral care regularly. Reilly is a former board member of Room for All, and was president of the board in 2016. While Reilly has recently become a member of the United Church of Christ, she is blessed to have been professionally raised and formed in Schenectady Classis since coming under care as a student in 2009. Reilly loves board games and bowties; her favorite lunch is a tuna salad sandwich with a cup of black coffee. She lives in Schuylerville with her dog Clover and cat Wesley. 

February 24 – Rev. Richard Scheenstra
Biblical Interpretation and Unity in Diversity

      Rev. Richard Scheenstra has been the pastor at Bellevue Reformed Church in Schenectady for 16 years. Bellevue is a racially, economically, and theologically diverse congregation that carries out a number of neighborhood outreach ministries, including a thrift store and café. Richard enjoys reading, playing the guitar, downhill skiing, writing, blogging and has recently begun to do some video recording. He and his wife Sharon have four sons and an assortment of grandchildren and
great-grandchildren in Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia. They are planning to visit Richard’s brother and sister-in-law Roger and Sue Scheenstra, RCA missionaries to the Orma people in Kenya, this coming June.

March 3  - Rev. Kent Busman
A Community of Welcome

      Rev. Kent Busman has been the director at Camp Fowler for over 30 years. During this time he has sought to make camp a place of hospitality for all children and youth. Fowler seeks to engage in activities that not only enhance the individual camper, but also gives them the skills of problem solving, communication, compassion, and joy. Experiences such as what Fowler provides can be critical in one’s ability to grow as a person of faith and especially as one who seeks to follow the way of Jesus. Kent, along with his wife Jill, has raised his children in this environment and continues to enjoy hiking and paddling with them. He also is the main servant and subject to Obadiah, camp's "therapy spaniel." 

February 17
Rev. Annie Reilly
God’s Expanding Boundaries and Radical Inclusion
“No, Bigger”
Genesis 17:1–8
Mark 7:24–30

February 24
Rev. Richard Scheenstra
Biblical Interpretation and Unity in Diversity

March 3
Rev. Kent Busman
A Community of Welcome

March 6 (Ash Wednesday)
Who is the Greatest?
Matthew 18:1–9

March 10
Matthew 18:15–35

March 17
The Laborer in the Vineyard
Matthew 20:1–16

March 24
The Wedding Banquet
Matthew 22:1–14 

March 31
The Ten Bridesmaids
Matthew 25:1–13

April 7
The Last Judgment
Matthew 25:31–46

April 14
The Triumphal Entry
Matthew 21:1–17

April 18 (Maundy Thursday)
Words of Institution
Matthew 26:17–30

April 19 (Good Friday)
The Crucifixion
Matthew 27:27–61

April 21 (Easter)
The Resurrection
Matthew 28:1–10

April 28
The Great Commission
Matthew 28:16–20

May 5
Peter’s Vision
Acts 10:1–17, 24–48
Matthew 9:36–37

May 12
Paul’s Mission
Acts 13:1–3, 14:8–18
Matthew 10:40–42

May 19
The Gospel as Salvation
Romans 1:1–17
Matthew 9:10–13

May 26
God’s Love Poured Out
Romans 3:28–30, 5:1–11
Matthew 11:28–30

June 2
Hope of Resurrection
Romans 6:1–14
Matthew 6:24

June 9 Pentecost
The Gift of the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1–4
Romans 8:14–39