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Advent: waiting between lament and hope

 Simeon in the Temple (Rembrandt, 1669)

Simeon in the Temple (Rembrandt, 1669)

Have you longed for something more? For the world to be set right? For God to show up and do something?

The beauty of this time of year is the way our worship validates and lives into our longings.

Advent. In Latin this word means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’. For centuries the church of Jesus Christ has celebrated a season of four weeks leading up to Christmas as a time to reflect on God’s arrival in the world in the form of a baby.

This season of Advent for the church re-lives the experience of Israel as they waited for God to arrive. Israel longed for God to come and overturn the world order that seemed to constantly work against them. They waited in hopeful expectation for God. And so the church enters this season to remember this story of Israel as a way to faithfully enter the posture of waiting for the fulfillment of Jesus’ word that he will come again.

During these next couple weeks of Advent we will learn about the posture of Advent. The posture of Advent is a faithful posture that is not passive in waiting, but quite active. It is a posture of active waiting that leans into lament and holds onto hope.

I hope you are able to join us as we explore what this posture of Advent looks like!

Waiting Between Lament and Hope

Dec. 2: The End at the Beginning: As the church calendar begins we look to the prophecies of the end to orient our Advent expectations.

Dec. 9: The Posture of Lament: Learning individual and communal lament to God as a posture of faithfulness.

Dec. 16: Hope Springs Eternal in Christ: The promises of God in Christ are sure and trustworthy chords of hope for us to hold onto.

Dec. 23: Children’s Pageant: The children and youth of Lynnwood will help us to see and imagine the beauty of the Christ child as they lead us in live performance.

Dec. 24: Candlelight Service at 7pm: A wonderful celebration of the night on which Christ was born. The evening will hold scripture lessons, cherished carols, prayers for hope, candle-lighting, and more.
Please join us!